You Can Play Project
GForce Sports has always been a group of dedicated LGBT athletes and allies advocating for equality in sports regardless of sexual orientation. Our raison d'être was the invisible athlete; the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender athlete who must play their sport in silence and fear.

That mantle has now been picked up by the You Can Play Project and they are running — and  jumping, and skating, and skiing, and swimming — with it with a passion. GForce Sports has thrown all of its support to the You Can Play Project as they expand their mission and we hope that you will as well.

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The Board of Directors at GForce Sports thanks you for your support and hopes that you continue to fight for the right of LGBT athletes to play whatever sport, wherever they want to play it, without opposition to who they are.

If they can play, they SHOULD BE ABLE TO play.
GForce Sports breaks down negative stereotypes about gay athletes through competitive play and educational outreach. By demonstrating competitiveness, teamwork, pride and courage on the playing field, and relating our diverse stories and experiences as LGBT athletes off the field, we create a dialogue that changes the perceived differences between gay and straight athletes.  Our advocacy focuses on education of athletes, particularly youth, through panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions.  We strive to create a sports landscape where athletes and coaches are judged solely on the strength of their talent, effort and potential regardless of their sexual orientation.